The Safe Project - Special Needs Accreditation for Europe - UK/10/LLP-LdV/TOI-309

We provide certificates to recognise the achievements of learners with Special Educational Needs

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This is a project co-funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci component of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme administered by the UK national agency Ecorys.

 The P Scales are a set of criteria or performance descriptions "...for measuring the progress of pupils for whom the early levels of the UK National Curriculum are not appropriate."

"The performance descriptions have been written for use with pupils of all ages and with a range of special educational needs. The descriptions are not a full description of all that pupils might achieve. They are intended to provide a framework on to which the progress of pupils, measured using the school's own assessment scheme, can be mapped. The descriptions do not replace the more finely tuned assessment schemes used for detailed individual assessments and curriculum planning by many schools. Rather, they complement those schemes by providing a common basis for comparing performance between pupils and schools." (DfE, 2001)

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